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Tips & Techniques

What Woodworking Joinery Should You Use?

In this post I'll show you the basics of woodworking joinery. What tools and skill levels are needed and what joinery is right for each type of woodworking task. There's no such thing as one best joinery method There’s a LOT...

Cabinet Making Tips and Tricks

If you are thinking of building cabinets, you MUST learn these things first. I share my knowledge of techniques, tools & tricks of the trade. https://youtu.be/6zR26CFFzIA DID YOU KNOW: You can follow me on these social media platforms! Instagram · YouTube...

15 Ways to Improve Your Cutting Board Sales

One of the most popular activities in woodworking is making and selling small items like cutting boards. But it can be a grind and you may feel like you’re doing a lot of work for the amount of money...

Cut Perfect Circles in Wood

I'll show you six different ways to cut perfect circles of any size out of wood. Using a range of tools like a table saw, band saw, jig saw, router and even CNC.

5 Ways to Improve Your Table Saw

https://youtu.be/n58JFTEVNYo Your table saw is the center of your workshop and is often one of the biggest investments you'll be making when it comes to tools. So, you should want to get the absolute most out of it to make...

How To Make A Shaker Style Door

The simplest form of the frame and panel door is the Shaker style door known for its no-frills look, clean and simple. Keep reading and I'm going to walk you step-by-step through how I built a shaker style door.
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