Tools I Use

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I get a lot of questions about the tools I use in my shop so I’ve put together a list here of the primary tools I use to create the things you see on this site and other social media platforms. On occasion, the exact models I have may no longer be available and I will list the most similar model available to the one I have.

Note: I have listed affiliate links beside each one that I can for your convenience. To be transparent, I make a little money off of these links, but at no cost to you. So if you want to help me out (since I am providing you this resource) please use the links. If not, no worries!

Also, unless explicitly stated, I am not sponsored by these tool brands listed below. I purchased these tools with MY OWN MONEY and stand behind them because I love using them. I will always market sponsored products clearly and transparently.

Small/Handheld Power Tools:

Large/Bench top Power Tools:

Dust Collection: